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Save an average of 30%* of your time
converting leads.

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Meeting feature
Connect and Engage

Do more in your video meetings

From payment requests, automated note taking, performance metrics to client data collection — it’s all done for you, so you can finally give clients your undivided attention.

  • Frictionless video call
  • In-session payments
  • Client info collection
  • Real-time transcription
  • Performance metrics
  • Transcript syncing and exporting
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Organize and Synthesize

Zero in on what’s important

Live meeting notes are organized and key topics are highlighted as the conversation progresses.

  • Topic tracking intelligence
  • Store your meeting notes in Google Doc and Accelerate
  • Summarizes conversations
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Screen leads, meet now or later

Just meet with prospective clients that are a good fit

Send prospective clients through your customized intake funnel. Have them schedule a time based on your availability. Qualify their requests to meet. From now on you’ll only engage with the right clients.

  • Automated client outreach
  • Hands-off client intake
  • Screen leads
  • Meet now or schedule for later
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*Based on a study conducted from January to March 2021, Intuit Accelerate users self-reported 30% time savings in converting leads.

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