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Accelerate helps you schedule meetings, filter leads, and create proposals faster so you can remove the busywork of selling to new
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With Accelerate interaction with a client is an opportunity. Keep your calendar scheduling software on-brand and bookings on target.

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Connect and Engage

AI-powered virtual platform that uplevels client interaction

From payment requests, real-time transcription, performance metrics to client data collection — it’s all done for you, so you can finally give clients your undivided attention.

  • Frictionless video call
  • In-session payments
  • Client info collection
  • Real-time transcription
  • Performance metrics
  • Transcript syncing and exporting
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Organize and Synthesize

Conversational Intelligence captures and synthesizes your notes for you

Our real-time transcription and topic tracking intelligence also organizes and synthesizes your notes for you. Sync your session transcript to Google Doc with a single click.

  • Real-time transcription
  • AI-powered topic-tracking
  • In-session Google Doc sync (Metrics, Transcripts, Highlights)
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Screen leads, meet now or later

Screen meeting and scheduling requests from clients — all automated

We’ll send clients your way. Screen leads, meet clients instantly or have them schedule a time through your virtual front door meeting portal. From now on you’ll only engage with the right clients.

  • Automated client outreach
  • Hands-off client intake
  • Screen leads
  • Meet now or schedule for later
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